Did you ever think, I wish……  I have and do….a lot!   Then I give my wish some thought to see how much it is in reality.  Do I have the ability to make it come true today, tomorrow, or perhaps it is something that can happen with a plan.  Most always, I have a plan unless it’s something I can tackle right now.  I can’t rely on anyone else and in a way that’s a good thing to keep in mind.  It avoids blame and disappointment.   So don’e simply hope blowing out candles will help.  Begin right now!

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3 Responses to I WISH

  1. ardsley4236 says:

    Taught ” Wishing Upon a Star …. ” as a young adolescent brought a “fairytale type of wait! This often became false hope leading to inactivity along the path of choices. Reality must be weighed but hope never lost.


  2. ardsley4236 says:

    It has halted with April showers and today the sunshine beckons for a Hike on a wooded trail. It is saturday of usual errands but not today! Don’t forget the showing tomorrow of a “Pink Moon” . I don’t think I have as yet witnessed such a thing but hope too!


  3. ardsley4236 says:

    Oh No! got the date for last night’s “pink moon” and got so busy creating a to do list for today’s musts that I missed it if there was one. Did anyone see it ?? This happens when I don’t pay attention. Get so swept up in stuff that I can miss Nature’s beauty.. Let me know if anyone paid attention…Ards


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