My Books

PoemscapesPoemscapes (2012): My first book

Living for a simplistic sense of what is essential, the search has been fragile at most; inclusive of memories past, and present peace. In the uncovering of maturity and revelation of the Souls’ spirit, I have encountered nine careers, journeys of travel, and relationships. I was told by a teacher when ten years old to keep writing. I have, in secret, until now. The consequences and the Magic is to celebrate and share.

Encounter the Poet (2017)

Encounter the Poet“Exposure to the complex structure of this new world of ways shows those who have peeked around corners observing a way more gently, gradually. Others of us have been thrust out in life swiftly, suddenly; feeling deserted in a dark room, alone. These feelings, growing up, of sadness or happiness can vacillate. There is time to search life and grasp an identity. Conflict, often masked with fear can be labeled by intimidation. No one wants to be lonely yet, discovery can show value, that sometimes, to be alone is good.”